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Baking Terminology and Definition

BAKE : To cook in an oven or oven-type appliance. This term typically applies to pastries, cookies, breads, casseroles, and occasionally fish and poultry.

BAKE BLIND : To bake an empty pie crust by half filling it with dried peas, etc., to ensure that it holds its shape.

BATTER : A semi liquid mixture of liquid, eggs, and starch used to make pancakes, cookies, or a coating for foods to be fried.

CHOUX ( shoo ) PASTE : A dough of flour, butter, egg, and water.
Example butter crust used for pies.

DOUGH : A mixture of liquid, flour, etc., that is stiff enough to be handled or kneaded, rolled and shaped. Example bread dough.

FONDANT : A sugar and water mixture cooked to the soft-ball stage ( 234 F), cooled and kneaded. Used for cake icing or candies.

FROST : To put frosting on a cake. Where frosting and ICING change places is mostly a matter of semantics. Frosting is thicker than icing, not nearly so liquid, and will stay in place when applied . The word is also used for the icy glaze that forms on the outside of a glass filled with crushed ice.

ICING : The sweet and decorative topping for a cake. Classically, it must be white, but in practice it applies to any topping, usually a thin one. Thicker toppings are then referred to as frosting.

FUDGE : A semi-soft confection made from brown or white sugar, butter, cream, and evaporated milk (or plain water) and flavored usually with either chocolate or vanilla, but sometimes with ginger, glazed fruits, maple syrup, nuts, or orange.

GANACHE : A French pastry filling of semisweet chocolate and heavy cream.

CUPCAKE : A small cake baked in a cuplike mold.

MACAROON : A small cake made of egg white, sugar, and ground almonds or desiccated coconut.

MUFFIN : Light quick bread made from a drop batter. Baked in a pan that has 6 - 12 wells or cups. Looks like cupcakes but of coarser texture, slightly heavier, pebbly crust and less sweet in flavor.

PASTRY : Sweet baked food made with a flour-shortening-liquid dough.
Example tarts, pies.

PHYLLO PASTRY : Pastry dough comprised of numerous very thin sheets made from flour and water.

ABAISSE : A French term referring to a sheet of rolled-out pastry

BISCUIT : In baked goods, a small roll (either yeast or quick bread).

COOKIE : Small sweet cakes chiefly used as snack items.

WAFER : Thin crisp cookie or biscuit.

CRIMP : To use a fork to press the edges of an unbaked piecrust against the rim of the pie plate to seal in the filling and provide a traditional decoration. If you don't want to use a fork, use your fingers, but you just won't get the same decorative effect.

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