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Fruits and Vegetable Cooking Preparation and Tips

When Purchasing

  • Choose undamaged brightly colored and pleasant smelling fruit that is neither too firm nor too soft; free of molds and bruises
  • Buy fruits and vegetables that are in season, they are not only more economical but also at the peak of flavor, quality and appearance
  • Store potatoes and other root crops in a cool, humid (not wet), dark and well-ventilated area.
  • Do not store potatoes in the ref, their starch will convert into sugar and develops an uncharacteristically sweet taste
  • Best place to store vegetables is in the vegetable compartment of ref , temperatures are not too cold; upper shelves are too humid and causes them to dry out
  • Many fruits ripen quickly so check them frequently to make sure they do not become overripe.
  • Once fruits ripen, store in the refrigerator and use soonest
  • Unripe fruit will ripen more quickly if placed in a paper bag; bag seals in ethylene gas emitted by fruits and hastens ripening process
  • Store fruits and vegetables separately because ethylene gas given off by fruits causes vegetables to spoil
Preparation and Cooking
  • Use running water and soap to wash fruits and vegetables that have to eaten raw
  • Peel fruits and vegetables as thinly as possible, to avoid loosing vitamins that are just under the skin
  • Sprinkle pineapple or calamansi juice over sliced bananas or apples to prevent browning
  • Avoid squeezing vegetables such as radish, ampalaya, mustasa or soaking them in water to remove the bitterness or unpleasant taste, this process removes a lot of water-soluble vitamins.
  • Vegetables should be cooked as briefly as possible, overcooking makes them bland and soggy, depriving them of vitamins and minerals. Cook them at high temperature for a short time.

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