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Midi Help
Help I cannot Hear the Midi Playing?

If the midi plugin failed to load in the midi player box. You can listen or download the midi by clicking the "Download" link.

All the midi in our website have been tested in Netscape, Internet Explorer 5 +, and Firefox 1.3 browsers and are in proper working order. In addition, we use a standard embedding format that should work effectively with both Firefox and Microsoft Explorer Browsers and generic plug-ins. Therefore, if you cannot hear the midi playing, the problem may be in your computer.

1) First, do the basics -- check the volume control on your computer or your external speakers to be sure you have volume turned on or up high enough.

2) Adequate Memory: If you can usually hear the music playing in the background, but for some reason it has stopped working, then perhaps you have exhausted the memory required for a fairly large midi file; so try rebooting (re-starting) your computer to see if that corrects the problem.

3) Appropriate Plug-ins: We use standard MIDI files (.mid) for background music, unless otherwise specified. Before selecting a song, be sure your browser is equipped with the proper "plug-in's" in order to enjoy them all. However, our format does not specifically require the "Quicktime" to operate. The music on our site should also play with the standard midi plug-ins that are typically downloaded as part of your browswer package. But if you are unsure whether or not you have an appropriate plugin, you can always reload or upgrade your browser software (such as Firefox or Microsoft Explorer), and then reboot your computer and try the midi pages again. Or you could elect to download the free Quick Time plug in for this purpose.

Plugin Download Links

Windows Media Player

Download Quick Time

4) Even if you have installed the proper plugin in the past, it is possible that some other software program may have inadvertently been added to your system that is now causing a conflict with the original plugin. If that is the problem, it can usually be resolved by reloading your browser software; if that doesn't work, then reload the free Quick Time.

5) If you can hear the midi, but cannot see the "radio" player to turn it off or adjust the volume, this may be because your system's memory or browser cache has reached its capacity. Try rebooting and then going directly to the music site to see if that corrects the problem.

6) If you have tried all of the above suggestions and still can't hear the midi playing, you need to check out your system for other possible problems.

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