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Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? Quiz Result

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Passing grade is 70% = C.
1) How long is one regular term for a U.S. Representative?
       a) 1 year
       b) 2 years - correct answer
       c) 3 years
       d) 4 years
       e) 6 years

2) A heptagon is a shape with how many sides?
       a) 4
       b) 6
       c) 7 - correct answer
       d) 8
       e) 9

3) What is the fastest bird on foot?
       a) Penguin
       b) Ostrich - correct answer
       c) Turkey
       d) Penguin
       e) Emu

4) What planet is closest to the sun?
       a) Venus
       b) Jupiter
       c) Mercury - correct answer
       d) Mars
       e) Earth

5) Which of the following is NOT one of the Great Lakes?
       a) Huron
       b) Alberta - correct answer
       c) Michigan
       d) Ontario
       e) Superior

6) What is the compound word in this sentence? - The bus driver took an alternate route to the airport.
       a) Driver
       b) Alternate
       c) Route
       d) Airport - correct answer

7) Which of the following states is NOT on the Gulf of Mexico?
       a) Texas
       b) Florida
       c) Georgia - correct answer
       d) Alabam
       e) Luisiana

8) What is the largest South American country by area?
       a) Argentina
       b) Brazil - correct answer
       c) Chili
       d) Mexico
       e) Peru

9) What is the lowest prime number?
       a) 0
       b) 1
       c) 2 - correct answer
       d) 3
       e) 5

10) On what continent is the chimpanzee's natural habitat?
       a) Asia
       b) Africa - correct answer
       c) South America
       d) Australia

11) What continent that is also a country?
       a) North America
       b) South America
       c) Australia - correct answer
       d) Europe
       e) Greenland

12) Which one of the following states is NOT part of the Four Corners?
       a) New Mexico
       b) Utah
       c) Arizona
       d) Colorado
       e) Nevada - correct answer

13) Who was the first person to step foot on the moon?
       a) John Glenn
       b) Sally Ride
       c) Edward Woodward
       d) Neil Armstrong - correct answer

14) 'Carefully' is an example of what type of word?
       a) Noun
       b) Adverb - correct answer
       c) Verb
       d) Adjective

15) What animal classification is a turtle?
       a) Amphibian
       b) Mammal
       c) Fish
       d) Reptile - correct answer

16) In the northern hemisphere, in what month is the autumnal equinox?
       a) August
       b) September - correct answer
       c) October
       d) November
       e) December

17) John has 2 yard sticks. She also has a 12-inch ruler. She laid them end-to-end in a line. How many feet long is the line?
       a) 3 feet
       b) 5 feet
       c) 7 feet - correct answer
       d) 9 feet
       e) 11 feet

18) Inca civilizations were concentrated on what continent?
       a) South America - correct answer
       b) Africa
       c) North America
       d) Asia
       e) Europe

19) What state is the Grand Canyon in?
       a) Utah
       b) North Dakota
       c) New Mexico
       d) Arizona - correct answer
       e) California

20) Who was the first president of the United States?
       a) John Adams
       b) Abraham Lincoln
       c) Thomas Jefferson
       d) George Washington - correct answer

Correct answers: out of 20 questions
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Passing grade is 70% = C.
Sorry, you failed - Grade F - Study More

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