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JavaScript 2 Quiz Result

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Passing grade is 70% = C.
1) Inside which HTML element do we put the JavaScript?
       a) <scripting>
       b) <javascript>
       c) <script> - correct answer
       d) <js>

2) What is the correct JavaScript syntax to write "Hello World"?
       a) response.write("Hello World")
       b) document.write("Hello World") - correct answer
       c) ("Hello World")
       d) echo("Hello World")

3) How do you call a function named "myFunction"?
       a) call function myFunction
       b) myFunction() - correct answer
       c) call myFunction()

4) How do you write a conditional statement for executing some statements only if "i" is equal to 5?
       a) if i==5 then
       b) if i=5 then
       c) if (i==5) - correct answer
       d) if i=5

5) How do you write a conditional statement for executing some statements only if "i" is NOT equal to 5?
       a) if (i <> 5)
       b) if (i != 5) - correct answer
       c) if =! 5 then
       d) if <> 5

6) How many different kind of loops are there in JavaScript?
       a) Two. The "for" loop and the "while" loop - correct answer
       b) Four. The "for" loop, the "while" loop, the "do...while" loop, and the "loop...until" loop
       c) One. The "for" loop

7) How does a "for" loop start?
       a) for (i = 0; i <= 5)
       b) for (i = 0; i <= 5; i++) - correct answer
       c) for i = 1 to 5
       d) for (i <= 5; i++)

8) What is the correct way to write a JavaScript array?
       a) var txt = new Array(1:"tim",2:"shaq",3:"kobe")
       b) var txt = new Array="tim","shaq","kobe"
       c) var txt = new Array("tim","shaq","kobe") - correct answer

9) How do you round the number 8.25, to the nearest whole number?
       a) Math.rnd(8.25)
       b) Math.round(8.25) - correct answer
       c) round(8.25)
       d) rnd(8.25)

10) How do you find the largest number of 6 and 8?
       a) Math.max(6,8) - correct answer
       b) top(6,8)
       c) ceil(6,8)
       d) Math.ceil(6,8)

11) What is the correct JavaScript syntax for opening a new window called "window5" ?
       a) new("","window5")
       b)"","window5") - correct answer
       c) open.newwindow("","window5")
       d) new.window("","window5")

12) How do you put a message in the browser's status bar?
       a) window.status = "put your message here" - correct answer
       b) statusbar = "put your message here"
       c) status("put your message here")
       d) window.status("put your message here")

13) How do you find the client's browser name?
       b) navigator.appName - correct answer
       c) client.navName

14) You define an array using
       a) var myarray = new Array(); - correct answer
       b) var myarray = array new;
       c) var new Array() = myarray;
       d) var new array = myarray;

15) Onclick is equivalent to which two events in sequence
       a) onmouseover and onmousedown
       b) onmousedown and onmouseout
       c) onmousedown and onmouseup - correct answer
       d) onmouseup and onmouseout

16) Whicj best describe void?
       a) A method
       b) A function
       c) An operator - correct answer
       d) A statement

17) Which property would you use to redirect visitor to another page?
       a) window.location.href - correct answer
       b) document.href
       c) java.redirect.url
       d) link.redirect.href

18) Which of the following JavaScript statements use arrays?
       a) setTimeout("a["+i+"]",1000) - correct answer
       b) k = a & i
       c) k = a(i)

Correct answers: out of 18 questions
Percent correct: 0%

Passing grade is 70% = C.
Sorry, you failed - Grade F - Study More

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