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Basketball Trivia Quiz

There are 22 questions in this quiz. Good luck!
Passing grade is 70% = C.
1) What is the width of an NBA backboard?
       a) 2 ft.
       b) 1 yd.
       c) 4 ft.
       d) 2 yd.

2) What was the first basketball?
       a) soccer ball
       b) tennis ball
       c) football
       d) golf ball

3) Which basketball player was the Rookie of the Year in the 1984-85 season?
       a) Anfernee Hardaway
       b) Michael Jordan
       c) Reggie Miller
       d) Jason Kidd

4)  Whose nickname is the King of New York?
       a) Hakeem Olajuawn
       b) Larry Johnson
       c) Charlie Ward
       d) Patrick Ewing

5) How long is a 20-second time out?
       a) 10 sec
       b) 20 sec
       c) 25 sec
       d) 1 min

6) What is the length of an NBA court?
       a) 70 ft.
       b) 30 yd.
       c) 100 yd.
       d) 94 ft.
       e) 100 ft.

7) What is the diameter of an NBA basket?
       a) 12 inches
       b) 15 inches
       c) 18 inches
       d) 21 inches
       e) 16 inches

8) Whose nickname is Sir Charles?
       a) Shaquille O'Neal
       b) Charles Barkley
       c) Prince Charles
       d) Earvin Johnson
       e) Patrick Ewing

9) What year was basketball introduced to the Olympics?
       a) 1918
       b) 1936
       c) 1954
       d) 1972

10) At the Olympics, what is the only year that the Americans haven't won the gold medal in basketball?
       a) 1956
       b) 1970
       c) 1972
       d) 1954

11) When was basketball invented?
       a) 1891
       b) 1900
       c) 1972
       d) 1936
       e) 1912

12) How long is an overtime period in the NBA?
       a) 10 mins
       b) 5 mins
       c) 7 mins
       d) 3 mins

13) How much do the NBA basketballs weigh?
       a) 15-17 oz.
       b) 18-20 oz.
       c) 20-22 oz.
       d) 23-25 oz.

14) How long are the quarters in high school basketball?
       a) 6 mins
       b) 10 mins
       c) 12 mins
       d) 15 mins
       e) 8 mins

15) How far away is the foul line from the basket?
       a) 15 ft.
       b) 12 ft.
       c) 10 ft.
       d) 14 ft.

16) Who was the most valuable player in 1995?
       a) Charles Barkley
       b) Grant Hill
       c) Hakeem Olajuawn
       d) David Robinson

17) Which NBA player's nickname is His Airness?
       a) Penny Hardaway
       b) Shawn Bradley
       c) Michael Jordan
       d) Kobe Byran

18) How long are NBA quarters?
       a) 12 mins
       b) 15 mins
       c) 18 mins
       d) 10 mins

19) What is the diameter of an NBA basketball?
       a) 9 1/2 in.
       b) 6 in
       c) 7 in
       d) 8 1/2 in

20) Who was the first overall pick in the 1985 draft?
       a) Patrick Ewing
       b) Rod Strickland
       c) Charles Barkley
       d) Michael Jordan

21) Who is the all-time leader for steals in the NBA?
       a) John Stockton
       b) Gary Payton
       c) Scottie Pippen
       d) Michael Jordan

22) Who invented basketball?
       a) Edward Basket
       b) Jordan Ball
       c) James Naismith
       d) Michael Floor
       e) Bill Gates

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