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PHP Quiz

There are 29 questions in this quiz. Good luck!
Passing grade is 70% = C.
1) In PHP, arrays may be sorted with which of the following functions?
       a) uksort()
       b) arsort()
       c) ksort()
       d) All of the above

2) PHP comments for a single line have the following syntax:
       a) /* comments /*
       b) #
       c) //
       d) ::
       e) A&B

3) Which of the following functions are used by PHP to find out what type a variable is?
       a) gettype()
       b) is_double()
       c) get_type()
       d) is_date()
       e) A&B

4) The three possible connection states in PHP are ________.
       a) normal
       b) aborted
       c) timeout
       d) All of the above

5) In PHP, the error control operator is ________.
       a) *
       b) %
       c) @
       d) &

6) In PHP, instructions are terminated with a _______.
       a) ;
       b) #
       c) !
       d) %>

7) What does PHP stand for?
       a) PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor
       b) Personal Home Page
       c) Private Home Page
       d) Personal Hypertext Processor

8) PHP server scripts are surrounded by delimiters, which?
       a) <?php>...</?>
       b) <?php…?>
       c) <script>...</script>
       d) <&>...</&>

9) How do you write "Hello World" in PHP
       a) "Hello World";
       b) echo "Hello World";
       c) Document.Write("Hello World");
       d) response.write("Hello World")

10) All variables in PHP start with which symbol?
       a) !
       b) $
       c) &
       d) #

11) Include files must have the file extension ".inc"
       a) True
       b) False

12) In PHP you can use both single quotes ( ' ' ) and double quotes ( " " ) for strings:
       a) True
       b) False

13) What is the correct way to include the file "" ?
       a) <!--include file=""-->
       b) <?php include_file(""); ?>
       c) <?php require(""); ?>
       d) <% include file="" %>

14) What is the correct way to create a function in PHP?
       a) function myFunction()
       b) new_function myFunction()
       c) create myFunction()

15) What is the correct way to connect to a MySQL database?
       a) mysql_open("localhost");
       b) connect_mysql("localhost");
       c) dbopen("localhost");
       d) mysql_connect("localhost");

16) What is the correct way to add 1 to the $count variable?
       a) count++;
       b) $count++;
       c) ++count
       d) $count =+1

17) PHP can be run on Microsoft Windows IIS(Internet Information Server):
       a) True
       b) False

18) In PHP 5, MySQL support is enabled by default:
       a) True
       b) False

19) Which one of these variables has an illegal name?
       a) $my-Var
       b) $myVar
       c) $my_Var

20) Which of the following regular expressions will match the string
       a) no?no?no
       b) no*no*no*
       c) ..\...\...
       d) \.\..\.\..\.\.

21) A constructor is a special kind of…
       a) Class
       b) Method
       c) Object
       d) Variable

22) What can you use to replace like with hate in I like Eminem?
       a) preg_replace("like", "hate", "I like Eminem")
       b) preg_replace("/like/", "hate", "I like Eminem")
       c) preg_replace("/like/", "/hate/", "I like Eminem")
       d) preg_replace("hate", "like", "I like Eminem")

23) What library do you need in order to process images?
       a) c-client library
       b) GIF/PNG library
       c) Image Library
       d) GD library

24) What is the problem with <?=$expression ?> ?
       a) It requires short tags and this is not compatible with XML
       b) There is no problem
       c) This syntax doesn't even exist It requires a special PHP library that may not always be available

25) What does break; do?
       a) Ends execution of the current switch structure
       b) Moves on to the next iteration of the current for, foreach, while, do-while or switch structure
       c) Ends execution of the current for, foreach, while, do-while or switch structure

26) Can this PHP code be valid: $4bears = $bears->getFirst4();
       a) Yes
       b) No

27) Assuming all the variables a, b, c have already been defined, could this be a variable name: ${$a}[$b][$c] ?
       a) Yes
       b) No

28) Put this line php display_errors=false in a .htaccess file when you deploy the application?
       a) That won't hide any error 'coz you can't use .htaccess to control the PHP engine Bad idea, I want to see when errors occur
       b) That won't hide any error 'coz it's not the correct code
       c) Good idea, increases security

29) What does this function do: <?php function my_func($variable) {return (is_numeric($variable) && $variable % 2 == 0);}?>
       a) tests whether $variable is a number and ends in 2
       b) tests whether $variable ends in 2
       c) tests whether $variable is a number and contains 2
       d) tests whether $variable is an even number

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