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World History Quiz

There are 20 questions in this quiz. Good luck!
Passing grade is 70% = C.
1) Who led the charge of the Light Brigade?
       a) The Marquis of Anglesey
       b) The Earl of Lucan
       c) The earl of Cardigan

2) The Young Italy movement was founded by what Italian nationalist in 1833?
       a) Garibaldi
       b) Cavour
       c) Mazzini

3) Which of the following orders was founded as part of the Catholic revival of the sixteenth century?
       a) Capuchins
       b) Augustinians
       c) Cistercians

4) In February, which country was devastated by massive floods?
       a) Mozambique
       b) Chile
       c) Poland
       d) Uganda

5) In what country have 12-year-old twins Luther and Johnny Htoo formed God's Army of the Holy Mountain, a guerilla group who have killed soldiers and captured a hospital?
       a) Columbia
       b) Cambodia
       c)  Myanmar (known as Burma)
       d) Vietnam

6) Apple computers first appeared in which decade?
       a) 1960's
       b) 1970's
       c) 1980's
       d) 1990's

7)  What year did Columbus "discover" Jamaica?
       a) 1497
       b)  1532
       c) 1610
       d)  1756

8) When the Roman Empire was thriving, how many years did the average Roman live?
       a) 48
       b) 65
       c) 36
       d) 22

9)  What wiped out the inhabitants of the ancient Roman city Pompeii?
       a)  Influenza
       b) A volcanic eruption
       c) Locusts
       d) War

10)  Which of the following leaders of the Americas spent the longest time in power?
       a)  Lyndon Johnson
       b) George Washington
       c) John F Kennedy
       d) Manuel Noriega
       e) Fidel Castro

11) The Peloponnesian war was fought between Athens and:
       a)  Rome
       b) Sparta
       c) Crete
       d) Nazi

12)  In 1991, The Soviet Union admitted that:
       a) its flag had been flying upside down at the Kremlin for the past 10 years.
       b) the assassination of J.F. Kennedy has been a national conspiracy.
       c)  its clocks had been off by one hour for the past 61 years.
       d) the amount of counterfeit money in circulation exceeded real currency.

13) Who was Josephine de Beauharnais?
       a) Napoleon's wife
       b) The first enlightened despot of Russia
       c) One of Henry VIII's unfortunate wives
       d) Hitler's mistress

14) Friedrich Engels collaborated:
       a)  with Hitler on the rise of Nazism.
       b) with Karl Marx on "The Communist Manifesto".
       c) with Andy Warhol on his paintings.
       d) with Mahatma Gandhi on conceptualizing peace

15) Who is the the Greek goddess of wisdom, war, the arts, industry, justice and skill?
       a) Arachne
       b)  Persephone
       c) Athena
       d) Hera

16) Where is the home of the Greek gods?
       a) The Aegean Sea
       b) Athens, Greece
       c) Mt Olympus
       d) The island of Santorini

17) According to Greek legend, who was the first woman on earth?
       a)  Athena
       b) Calliope
       c) Pandora
       d) Hera

18) Who had a face that "launched a thousand ships?"
       a) Medusa
       b) Helen of Troy
       c) Cleopatra
       d) Hera

19)  In Roman mythology the god of War is:
       a) Mars
       b) Atlas
       c) Apollo
       d) Jupiter

20) Where did the Russian submarine the Kursk sink?
       a) Barents Sea
       b) Kara Sea
       c) Black sea
       d) Laptev Sea
       e) East Siberian Sea

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