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There are 30 questions in this quiz. Good luck!
Passing grade is 70% = C.
1) Intrepret this statement: <strong>Michelle</strong>
       a) It makes Michelle strong
       b) It highlights Michelle as being strong
       c) It will print out Michelle in bold font

2) Tables can be nested (table inside of another table).
       a) True
       b) False

3) Which is correct?
       a) <b>Click Here<b>
       b) <strong>Click Here<strong>
       c) <b>Click Here</b>
       d) </strong>Click Here</strong>

4) Which of the following is a two sided tag?
       a) DT
       b) LI
       c) DD
       d) DL

5) The Browser applies the feature of a tag until it encounters_____tag.
       a) Quit
       b) Closing
       c) Exit
       d) Anti
       e) Deactivate

6) _______are the HTML codes that control the apearance of the document contents
       a) Tags
       b) Codas
       c) Slashes
       d) Properties
       e) Code

7) What are the genral syntax for inline image?
       a) src=img
       b) src=image
       c) img=file
       d) img src=file
       e) image src=file

8) An HTML_____takes text in one format and changes it to HTML code.
       a) Browser
       b) Editor
       c) Converter
       d) Processor
       e) Parser

9) To create a link to an anchor, you use the______property in A tag.
       a) Name
       b) Tag
       c) Link
       d) Href

10) HTML Tags are case sensitive.
       a) True
       b) False

11) Relative path make your hypertext links______.
       a) Portable
       b) Discrete
       c) Uniform

12) A_____structure starts with a general topic that includes link to more specific topics.
       a) Hierarchical
       b) Linear
       c) Mixed

13) Which of the following path is supported by HTML?
       a) Ralative
       b) Defererenced
       c) Absolute and Relative

14) You cannot designate an inline image as a hypertext link.
       a) True
       b) False

15) Because each computer differs in terms of what fonts it can display, each individual browser determines how text is to be displayed.
       a) True
       b) False

16) You do not have to connect to the internet to verify changes to a Web page on your computer.
       a) True
       b) False

17) You can combine structures e.g, linear and hierarchical.
       a) True
       b) False

18) What is HTML stands for?
       a) Hypertext Mailing List
       b) Hypertext Mark Language
       c) Hypertext Markup Language

19) What is the tag for an inline frmae?
       a) Iframe
       b) Inframe
       c) frame
       d) inlineframe

20) Within the MAP tag, you use the AREA tag to specify the areas of the image that will act as a hotspot.
       a) True
       b) False

21) Can you create an e-mail form with auto responder using form action
       a) Yes
       b) No

22) What is the most widely use e-mail form script?
       a) ASP
       b) PHP
       c) Perl CGI
       d) JSP

23) There are_____color names recognized by all version of HTML.
       a) 6
       b) 8
       c) 256
       d) 16

24) Software programs, like your Web browser, use a mathemathical approach to define color.
       a) True
       b) False

25) If you want to increase the font size by 2 relative to the sorounding text, you enter +2 in the tag.
       a) True
       b) False

26) What operator makes converts 00110011 into 11001100?
       a) ~
       b) !
       c) &
       d) |

27) The default statement of a switch is always executed.
       a) True
       b) False

28) H1 is the smallest header tag.
       a) True
       b) False

29) The page title is inside the____tag.
       a) Body
       b) Head
       c) Division
       d) Table

30) _____refers to the way the GIF file is saved by the graphics software.
       a) Dithering
       b) Interlacing
       c) Balancing

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