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Philippine History 1 Quiz

There are 23 questions in this quiz. Good luck!
Passing grade is 70% = C.
1) Who was the first Filipino recording artist?
       a) Imelda Papin
       b) Pilita Corales
       c) Margi Moran
       d) Maria Carpena

2) Who founded the la Liga Filipina?
       a) Andres Bonifacio
       b) Jose Rizal
       c) Emilio Aguinaldo
       d) Emilio Jacinto

3) What is the first word of the 1987 Philipppine Constitution?
       a) I
       b) We
       c) The
       d) People

4) Who was the first Miss Philippines?
       a) Margi Moran
       b) Mirriam Quiambao
       c) Evangeline Castro
       d) Gloria Diaz

5) Who was the first Filipino Olympian?
       a) Paeng Nepomuceno
       b) David Nepomuceno
       c) Akiko Thompson
       d) Efren Bata Reyes

6) Whose last words were "It is done!"
       a) Ninoy Aquino
       b) Andres Bonifacio
       c) Manuel Quezon
       d) Jose Rizal

7) Who designed the Rizal Monument?
       a) Carlos Nicoli
       b) Antonio Luna
       c) David Antel
       d) Richard Kissling

8) In 1851, the first commercial bank in the Philippines and the far East, was established. What is the present name of this bank?
       a) Bank of the Philippine Islands
       b) Banco de las islas Filipinas
       c) Bangko Central ng Pilipinas
       d) Far East bank

9) She was the first woman member of the Katipunan(July 1893).
       a) Marina Dizon
       b) Segunda Katigbak
       c) Gregoria de Jesus
       d) Gabriela Silang

10) After the death of her husband Andres Bonifacio, Gregoria de Jesus was later married to whom?
       a) Felipe Calderon
       b) Julio Nakpil
       c) Jose Calugas
       d) Franciso Trinidad

11) Who was the last Sultan of Sulu?
       a) Haji Butu
       b) Sultan Kudarat
       c) Jamalul Kiram II
       d) Abu Bakr
       e) Tarhata Kiram

12) The first woman to top the Philippine BAR Examination.
       a) Josefa Diokno
       b) Geronima Pecson
       c) Tina Munoz Palma
       d) Tecla San Andres Ziga

13) He was also known as Hermano Pule.
       a) Apolinario de la Cruz
       b) Juan Arellano
       c) Aurelio Tolentino
       d) Pedro Feced

14) Who was the chief advisor of Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo?
       a) Pedro Paterno
       b) Jose Rizal
       c) Apolinario Mabini
       d) Felipe Calderon

15) The first political party in the Philippines organized on December 23, 1900 by wealthy Filipino illustrados.
       a) Nacionalista Party
       b) Federal Party
       c) Liberal Pary
       d) Partido Nacional Progresibo

16) What is the pseudonym used by Pedro Feced?
       a) Hermano Pule
       b) Quioquiap
       c) Laong Laan
       d) Plaridel

17) Who was called "The First Filipino Diplomat" ?
       a) Miguel Cuaderno
       b) Felipe Calderon
       c) Felipe Agoncillo
       d) Robert Cortez

18) Who was the leader of the Cavite Mutiny, the first huelga (labor strike) recorded in the Philippines?
       a) Francisco la Madrid
       b) Macliing Dulag
       c) Rafael de Izquerdo
       d) Patricio Montojo

19) The first president of the Katipunan.
       a) Deodato Arellano
       b) Teodoro Agoncillo
       c) Juan Arellano
       d) Andres Bonifacio

20) The first Sulu-United States Treaty concluded on August 20,1899 allowing American presence in Sulu.
       a) Murphy Treaty
       b) Bates Treaty
       c) Jones Treaty
       d) Forbes Treaty

21) Who was the first Filipino president (1915-1920) of the University of the Philippines?
       a) Jesus Villamor
       b) Jesus Calderon
       c) Jose Palma
       d) Jose Avelino

22) He founded the Socialist Party of the Philippines in 1929, which merged with the older Communist Party of the Philippines(PKP) in 1939.
       a) Jose Abad Santos
       b) Luis Taruc
       c) Casto Alejandrino
       d) Pedro Abad Santos

23) Who was the first woman councilor of Manila?
       a) Geronima Pecson
       b) Carmen Planas
       c) Vivian Zapanta
       d) Marcela Ocampo

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