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Word Analogies Quiz

There are 20 questions in this quiz. Good luck!
Passing grade is 70% = C.
1) assimilation is to melting pot as multiculturalism is to ___ .
       a) diversify
       b) homogeneous
       c) bilingual
       d)  mosaic

2) Contact lenses are to glasses as ballpoint pen is to ___ .
       a) pencil
       b) fountain pen
       c) marker
       d) ink

3) Sweat is to shiver as ___ is to hungry.
       a) salivate
       b) stuffed/full
       c) satiated
       d)  famished

4) Vest is to undershirt as ___ is to necklace.
       a) locket
       b)  beads
       c) chain
       d) gold

5) Reptile is to vertebrate as pie is to ___ .
       a)  meal
       b) dessert
       c) fruit
       d) sweet

6) Applause is to performance as ___ is to book.
       a) epilogue
       b) summary
       c) critic
       d) review

7) lager is to ale as cola is to ___ .
       a) juice
       b) coke
       c) root beer
       d) water

8) hair is to stubble as potatoes are to ___ .
       a)  french fries
       b) sweet potatoes
       c) potato skins
       d) vegetable

9) Brake is to stop as student is to ___ .
       a) read
       b)  learn
       c) study
       d) write exams

10) Jingle is to corporation as ___ is to politician.
       a) platform
       b) campaign
       c) slogan
       d) promises

11) Cohesive is to united as efficient is to ___ .
       a) cheap
       b) faster
       c) optimized
       d) productive

12) Opulence is to wealth as opaque is to ___ .
       a) solid
       b) translucent
       c) invisible
       d) cloudy

13) Berate is to criticize as ___ is to 'care about'.
       a) love
       b) envy
       c) desire
       d) patronize

14) Gaudy is to cluttered as sufficient is to ___ .
       a) plenty
       b) appropriate
       c)  typical
       d) average

15) Suggestive is to undertone as ___ is to movement.
       a) energy
       b) kinetic
       c) fast
       d) active

16) Impression is to indelible as ___ is to permanent.
       a) fixture
       b) long-lasting
       c)  temporary
       d) etched

17) Indignant is to self-righteous as showy is to ___ .
       a) arrogant
       b) pretentious
       c) ostentatious
       d) excessive

18) Alienated is to ostracized as forgetful is to ___ .
       a)  ignorant
       b) neglectful
       c)  occupied
       d) distracted

19)  Virtuous is to integrity as ignominious is to ___ .
       a) disgrace
       b) shameful
       c) immoral
       d) sin

20) Mission statement is to purpose as ___ is to beliefs.
       a) motto
       b) moral
       c) goal
       d) religion

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