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Who Wants to be a Millionaire Quiz

There are 20 questions in this quiz. Good luck!
Passing grade is 70% = C.
1) In basketball, a shot made outside of the arc is worth how many points?
       a) 2
       b) 3
       c) 1
       d) 4

2) In what century was the War of 1812 fought?
       a) 18th
       b) 19th
       c) 17th
       d) 16th

3) According to superstition, how many years of bad luck will you get if you break a mirror?
       a) 2
       b) 4
       c) 6
       d) 7
       e) 8

4) In which time period did the dinosaurs mainly live?
       a) Mesozoic
       b) Precambrian
       c) Cenozoic
       d) Paleozoic

5) Who invented dynamite?
       a) Thomas Edison
       b) Ernest H. Verwiler
       c) Charles Plunk
       d) Alfred Nobel

6) According to Arthurian legend, where did Sir Bedivere throw the Excalibur when King Arthur died?
       a) The ground
       b) Through King Arthur
       c) A lake
       d) Through himself

7) The Latin word 'cygnus' means what when translated into English?
       a) Hawk
       b) Swan
       c) Creature
       d) Shark

8) The people who made the computer language BASIC created it where?
       a) IBM
       b) Darthmouth College
       c) MIT
       d) Caltech
       e) Honeywell

9) What did Ben Franklin use to prove that lightning was electricity on one famous, stormy night?
       a) Bucket
       b) Kite
       c) Book
       d) Rod

10) What US state is nicknamed 'The Garden State'?
       a) Ohio
       b) New Jersey
       c) Colorado
       d) Maryland
       e) California

11) Mt. Goodwin Austen is better known as what?
       a) Mount Everest
       b) Broad Peak
       c) K2
       d) Rock of Gibraltar

12) Which U.S. President was born with the name 'Leslie King Jr.'?
       a) Gerald Ford
       b) John Kennedy
       c) Bill Clinton
       d) Richard Nixon

13) In Egyptian mythology, who is the goddess of the heavens?
       a) Nut
       b) Min
       c) Mut
       d) Ra
       e) Huma

14) The Euxine Sea was the ancient name for which body of water?
       a) Dead Sea
       b) Black Sea
       c) Mediterranean Sea
       d) Caspian Sea

15) What year did Christopher Columbus discover America?
       a) 1450
       b) 1492
       c) 1487
       d) 1506
       e) 1608

16) What is the last letter of the Greek alphabet?
       a) Sigma
       b) Omega
       c) Alpha
       d) Macca

17) What part of the human body does phrenology study?
       a) Lungs
       b) Earlobe
       c) Tonsils
       d) Skull
       e) Brain

18) The Nobel Peace Prize is given out in what city?
       a) Stockholm
       b) Oslo
       c) Helsinki
       d) Copenhagen
       e) London

19) Which of the following months does not have 31 days?
       a) December
       b) March
       c) April
       d) May

20) In the Continental US, which state has the northernmost point?
       a) Maine
       b) Washington
       c) Michigan
       d) Minnesota
       e) New Jersey

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