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3 types of AC covers you need to harmonize your exterior

Accueil 9 Déco 9 3 types of AC covers you need to harmonize your exterior

We spend a lot of time designing our gardens because we love admiring the scenery. To enhance our home’s exterior, we can hide our air conditioners with covers which have both modern and natural design elements.

A wooden air conditioner cover: zen and practical

A wooden air conditioner cover combines sturdiness with good looks. Its wooden structure blends easily with a terrace or garden’s decor. Its perfect finish makes it so discreet that it’s sometimes even mistaken for outdoor furniture.

You can customise it by choosing various colours or natural tints. It’s also modular and can easily adapt to your air conditioner’s dimensions, with no contact or friction with its exterior housing. Whatever form you choose, air flow is assured. In short, a beautiful outdoor decor accessory that’s both practical and functional.

The wood on this outdoor air conditioner cover can be painted to your liking


Aluminum air conditioner cover: modern and streamlined

The aluminium PAC cover goes perfectly with modern and contemporary decor. A chameleon effect is guaranteed when painted the same colour as the walls. It can be modified to your liking and easily adapts to your air conditioner’s dimensions. It’s mounted on an aluminium frame affixed to the wall. Its modern design takes into account the need for adequate air circulation for the optimal operation of your air conditioner. Extremely practical for those who appreciate the unique character and harmony of straight geometric shapes. You can also place LED lights inside for a unique look.


The streamlined geometric style of this aluminum air conditioner cover appeals to those who love contemporary design.

The botanical air conditioner cover: discreet and natural

The botanical air conditioner cover consists of an artificial PVC leaf covering. It fits nicely into the corner of any garden. Its perfect design and foliage make it look like a small, well-trimmed hedge. Additionally, the leaves are treated against discoloration from ultraviolet rays, thus preserving their colour. They can be designed to blend into various types of vegetation to add even more freshness to your garden. Its rigid mesh frame can be affixed to the ground or the wall. Adaptable to the dimensions of your air conditioner and won’t come into contact with it.

Who would ever think there’s an air conditioner underneath this greenery ?

Exterior air conditioner covers are both easy to install and maintain. Their modular characteristics allow them to perfectly protect air conditioners of all sizes from bad weather, bumps and dirt. As experts in the field, https://www.cache-clim.com/en/ can satisfy your desire to design and decorate your terrace or garden.