Philippe Pastor

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The Monegasque artist Philippe Pastor is well-known in Monaco. Here’s a brief outline of the work of the artist.

Who Is Philippe Pastor?

Artist and sculptor, born on the island of Monaco, Philippe Pastor has an extensive artistic background which he continues to pursue in 2021. He is a dedicated artist who is a lover of nature and who is driven to challenge everything wrong in our world from the environmental viewpoint through his work.


Explore Phillipe Pastor’s art gallery located in Monaco

In the middle of the Principality of Monaco Philippe Pastor’s gallery displays a variety of amazing works not only from an aesthetic perspective as well as for their steadfast commitment to protecting the environment.

The exhibition in 2021 “Fin du world” by Artist Philippe Pastor

In 2021, the main theme portrayed in the work of Philippe Pastor is the end of the world. It is not possible to remain unaffected when you are in the presence of these works that deplore global warming. It is inevitable should we not take action.

In the end, the depth and quality of Philippe Pastor’s latest news will please his loyal fans and draw new fans to his distinctive and devoted art.