An environment association that use art to save the planet

Accueil 9 Travel 9 An environment association that use art to save the planet

Nature at its most gruesome is an art but not one that puts the world in a feeling of awe whenever it hits. Let’s pretend for a moment that nature moves its wand according to the mood in which it is and that the actions of man directly influence the mood of nature. It’s not difficult to imagine, and in many ways it’s true. Our actions influence the state of the earth we inhabit and the planet Earth. The speed of deforestation and polluting cause changes in the climate is an alarming sign. The effects are repeated over and over again. It is the Environment Association Monaco that uses art to promote environmental awareness in every segment of society.

Utilizing art to raise public awareness

In the form of art, water, and trees as well as landscapes and sculptures are utilized to draw the attention of a subject and tell many stories. What we do up in the mountains influence the events that happened down the valleys and plains as well as beyond the oceans. The environmental association is focused on environmental issues and employs art to educate people about the destruction that comes from natural catastrophes.

A third of the Earth is covered by forests which play a crucial role in protecting our planet. The fight against climate change will be fought 10 times more when there is widespread awareness supported by proactive policies for environmental protection and actions.


Piece of art using stones

Piece of art


The various forms of art can alter things

The art of painting isn’t restricted to a specific style. Art is everywhere. Art emerges from every situation in our lives and can increase awareness of events, influence people’s perceptions and effect positive change. The visual art form can influence life in ways that words can’t accomplish by themselves. Photographs, images, and sculptures can evoke emotions that words cannot convey or capture.


the Environment Association Monaco defend the environnement with art !