An environment association that use art to save the planet

Nature at its most disastrous is an art within itself, but not the type that leaves the world in a positive state of awe when it strikes. Let’s imagine for a moment that nature waves its wand based on the mood it is in, and that man’s actions directly affects her mood. That’s not at all hard to imagine and in many ways is so true. Our actions affect the state of the planet we occupy, planet earth. The rate at which deforestation and pollution is driving climate change is cause for alarm. We see the effects repeating themselves ever so often. The Environment Association Monaco uses art to create environmental awareness among all sects of our society.

Using art to create public awareness

In art form, water, trees, landscapes, and sculptures are used to bring attention to a subject and convey so many stories. What we do high up in the mountains affects what takes place down in the plain and valleys and out sea. The environment association focuses on environmental challenges and uses art to sensitize people to the damage that results from natural disasters.

art environment

Art leading an awareness campaign

One third of the earth is covered by forest and it plays a key role in protecting the planet. The battle against climate change is strengthened ten fold when there’s widespread awareness backed by active environmental protection policies and actions.

The different form of art that can change things

Art is not restricted to any one form. Life is art. Art emerges from any situation in life and can be used effectively to build awareness about such situations, to inform people’s outlook, and bring about positive changes. The visual art form can touch lives in a way that the spoken words fail to do on its own. Sculptures, images and photographs can hold an emotional appeal that words by themselves fail to capture and convey.


More information about AE Monaco on their website.

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