The 3 questions you should ask yourself about the patent application

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The patent application is a process which allows you to protect your technical innovations. It is conducted by the INPI (The National Institute of Industrial Property) and gives you the ownership rights to your invention (patent filing monaco).

Here are some responses to questions that you asked about it.


Every inventor should know the procedure to follow in order to file a patent.

What is a patent used for?

The patent is a protective step that allows you to have industrial property rights on a technical innovation over a given period (maximum of 20 years) and within a specific territorial zone (a country and sometimes a group of countries). A patent gives you protection against your invention being exploited by a third party.
A patent must be the object of a specific request carried out by INPI or the European Patent Office, who will examine your file and the validity of your claims. This field of application is restricted to technical inventions.

What sort of invention can be protected?

In practice, the patent concerns technical inventions. It focuses solely on the proposed technical solutions. Intellectual inventions, as well as theories or scientific procedures, abstract ideas, decorative creations etc., are not patentable.
However, there are other measures that allow you to protect them.
An invention must meet certain criteria in order to be patentable. You can evaluate something’s patentability by checking whether it provides a solution in a certain technical domain.

What is the procedure for filing a patent?

There are key steps and strict formalities to be respected when filing a patent (monaco patent counsel). You will have to fill in a specific form relevant to the request for a grant of a patent, which will be reviewed by INPI. The application request must be accompanied, among other things, by a file including a description of your technical creation, as well as your desired claims.
In order to validate your patent application, you will have to pay various taxes, in particular the licence fee of the application.

If you do not possess the legal skills necessary for the composition of your application, think about approaching a specialist firm that will help you with writing and protecting your patent.