Data Marketing: how companies know everything about you?

Accueil 9 Business 9 Data Marketing: how companies know everything about you?

Today, we are going to talk about the data marketing conference Toronto. Consumer companies are scooping up enormous volumes of consumer information about individuals around the world. Unless you are a person who has managed to live off the grid, your life is an open book, and big data companies know everything about you. These big data companies continually collect data and information about the things you purchase on the internet and the kind of websites that you visit. They also gather other small portions of personal information from your social media activity and public records.


The data marketing conference Toronto is very important nowadays for businesses.

The collected data is run through complicated algorithms that help utilities, retailers, and financial institutions predict how particular individuals will respond to different marketing offers. These sophisticated computer programs can guess your bill paying abilities, how rich you are, and the type of car you drive: these programs can also predict whether you are divorced, pregnant or you’re trying to lose weight. The programs use predictive analysis to generate consumer scores that determine the type of ads you see when you visit the internet, the offers for services and products sent to your mailbox and the coupons that you receive.

When a company wants to know everything about you, they start with basic information such as your name, contacts, address and add on demographics like race, occupation, education level and age. These companies collect lists of persons experiencing life altering events like getting married, buying a new house, sending a child to college and even getting divorced. They also gather information regarding your hobbies and the purchases that you make.

Where are these companies getting all this information? The information is sold to them by the stores where you shop. For example, a store loyalty card is a primary source of credible information. Your personal data can also be shared by different companies voluntarily: this includes your name, address, what you bought, age, occupation and even number of children. Businesses can also get your information from government records and other publicly available data i.e. voting records.

Data Marketing, what is it?

Data marketing is a type of direct marketing that employs customer databases to come up with targeted lists that are meant for direct marketing communications. Such customer databases include customers’ names, phone numbers, emails, addresses and purchase histories and any other type of data that can be accurately and legally acquired.

How does Data Marketing work?

Companies use data marketing to develop smart content that improves customer experience: the clients can, therefore, relate to the content and this helps the businesses to understand them better. Companies use technologies such as content analytics, social listening technologies, and other platforms to understand their customers better.

Data marketing allows businesses to create content from many different clients. Instead of concentrating on the basics like age and gender, companies cast a wider net to gather complex information like purchasing patterns, local-based data, and in-store visits.

Data Marketing helps businesses to apply what they have learned through profound data analysis to their ongoing marketing strategy. Companies are also able to create communities around their engaged clients, and create timely content that can be consistently measured and tested.

Focus on Toronto’s Data Marketing Conference

The 2016 data marketing conference Canada and exhibition will be held in Toronto and presents the perfect opportunity for data marketing professionals to learn and interact with the best in data-driven marketing. This year’s event will feature over eighty speakers, seven hundred attendees, fifteen demos, two pre-event workshops and four master classes. Participants will learn how to harness customer data, how to make data the essence of a marketing strategy and how to enhance ROI by creating a successful data strategy.