3 types of AC covers you need to harmonize your house

Accueil 9 Déco 9 3 types of AC covers you need to harmonize your house

We spend much time planning our gardens as we enjoy watching the landscape. To make our homes more attractive. We can conceal our air conditioners using covers that have natural and contemporary design elements.

A wooden air conditioner cover: zen and practical

A wood air conditioner cover is a great combination of strength and style. The wooden structure is easy to blend with the terrace or garden decor. Its flawless design makes it so subtle that it’s often misinterpreted as outdoor furniture.

It can be customized by selecting a variety of colours or natural shades. It’s also modular, and it can easily adjust to the size of the air conditioner and has any contact or friction with the housing on its exterior. Whichever form you choose the airflow will be guaranteed. It’s a stunning outdoor decoration accessory that is practical. The wooden decor is indeed trending and you can keep up with fashion by using this wood AC cover !


Air conditionner cover

Wooden cover for air conditionner


Air conditioner cover made of aluminium Modern and sleek

The aluminium AC cover looks great with contemporary and modern decor. It will create a chameleon effect when it is painted the same colour as the walls. The effect can be customized according to your preference and adjusts to the dimension of your air conditioner. It is mounted on an aluminium frame, which is fixed on the wall. Its contemporary design is based on the necessity of adequate air circulation to ensure the best functioning of your conditioning. It is extremely useful for those who love the distinctive character and harmony of geometric straight designs. You can also put LEDs inside to give it a unique appearance.

The natural air conditioner cover: natural and discrete

The cover for the air conditioner in botanical design is made up of An artificial PVC leaf cover. It is a perfect fit in the corners of any garden. Its beautiful design and lush foliage create the appearance of an unassuming well-trimmed hedge. Furthermore, the leaves are protected to prevent discolouration caused by ultraviolet radiation and thus preserve their colour. They can blend with different types of vegetation, bringing freshness to your garden. The frame is made of mesh and can be attached to the soil or on the wall. It can be adjusted to the size of the air conditioning unit. It isn’t likely to come in contact with it.

Covers for exterior air conditioners are easy to put in and maintain. The modular design allows them to completely safeguard air conditioners of all sizes from weather damage dirt, bumps, and bumps. Being experts in this field, we will fulfil your wish to design and design your outdoor space or patio.