Candles to enhance your interior

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Most of us find that being comfortable at home is a must and what better way to do that than with decoration ? Give our personal touch and the things we like as well as creating a home and an environment that is similar to us. Little decoration is an essential part of the interior environnement. It comprises small books, lamps and vases, souvenirs from travel and candles. This is the last one we’ll be talking about ! Candles are an essential decor element that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Candles: the latest trend !

Candles can be multi-functional and provide a pleasant vibe to your home. When we think about candles, there is a feature of “heat” that pops into our minds. It could be a way that can warm a room because of the orange hue that the fire produces.

Additionally, it is associated with a pleasing scent. Yes, candles that do not have a pleasant scent or no scent have less appeal. There are many kinds of fragrances, but the most common include vanilla, verbena patchouli, woody fruits and lavender…

The aesthetics of the product is another aspect that is considered when we decide to purchase candles. The pattern, the shape of the packaging or the design of the jar can entice us in different ways depending on whether we are a fan or not. This test takes a step further than the preceding ones. There is a possibility to purchase candles solely for their design and aesthetics, without even smelling the candle, or to buy the candle and not light it, only because it is now an object of decoration.

Candles at home, and also giving them away is very fashionable in part since it’s a universal gift that is appreciated by everyone, in addition, candles are a product that is priced reasonably.

Which candle should you use for what area of your home or apartment?

A vast array of candles vary in appearance, smell taste, flame, etc. Each candle has its unique flavour. So, depending on the room of a house or apartment, we won’t select the same candle.

Which candles are suitable for the bedroom?

The bedroom is an area where we frequently want to relax. It is the place where we can relax, sit with ourselves and read a book or lie down… it’s therefore essential to choose candles that first and foremost do not emit a strong smell. It is also dependent on your personal preferences, but the importance of tranquil scents should be in sync with the ambience of your home. Lavender and Jasmine are well-known scents for this space since they provide a sense of peace and calm that is a perfect match for the space.

Cocooning ambiences are also highly sought-after in bedrooms So, choose a style that is pastel instead of a fluorescent shade. The aesthetics of your candle to the hues of your current interior.

What candles should you use for your Living room?

Decorationg your living-room is crucial, as this living area is the most important part of the house or apartment. It is in which we spend the majority of our time. It is therefore crucial that the room is set according to our preferences and that we feel comfortable in there. After a hard day’s work, we can all think of relaxing on the sofa and watching television for instance. This is a time which can be sucked up by candles, thanks to scents, and a certain atmosphere.

Choose a fragrance with a spicy scent to assist you in calming down and fighting anxiety. Candles on the table at dinner will give you an atmosphere of relaxation that you’ll be sure to able to enjoy.

Because the candles will be seen as an element of decoration in the room, it’s essential to select an attractive candle. For instance, marbled pots look very elegant.

At the moment, it’s very fashionable You can add a variety of candles to the table. Choose several candles with the same style and set them on the coffee table. Lighting them all simultaneously and taking in this peaceful and warm moment.

What are the best candles for your bathroom?

The bathroom candles can serve a variety of purposes. For instance, if you have an outdoor bathtub and like to soak in long bubble baths, you should consider a cocooning candle that is not too smelly due to the scents that shower products emit, a strong scent could turn you off or cause a bad mix.

If you prefer to perform beauty treatments before your mirror, such as in the evening, before getting ready to go to bed by applying a scrub to your face, or before going out to a gathering with your makeup pick a candle with an aroma that is fresh like lemon or the scent of lily. For style, a neutral candle is more suitable for bathrooms. It is best to choose depending on your preferences and the decor that is in the rooms.

Here are five addresses where you can buy your candles


The candle brand is known for its original candles that have a diamond inside. They are perfect for gifts that are 2-in-1. Of course, they are more expensive than other brands because they also charge for jewellery. The price ranges between 25 to 70EUR.

Urban Outfitters

I like the candle designs from urban retailers. They’re very unique and usually coloured. They add a playful touch to any room or living space for instance. Prices vary from 15 EUR between 15 and 60 EUR.


If you want simplicity and purity visit Ikea. The Swedish company offers basic candles that are not scented, which are perfect for bathrooms or to place on tables in a modern home. Additionally, the costs are quite low starting from 2EUR.

Bougies La Francaise

The brand has been creating and manufacturing candles in France in the year 1902. It provides a broad selection of candles that can be personalized about scent, colour, colour and so on. It is ideal to complement your decor.


There’s a wide selection of fragrances you desire and the most fashionable scents. Zara Home can make your home look more attractive and also how subdue the space. Zara Home also offers candles that are only decorative, highly elegant candles, candles that have been that are filtered quickly …. There is an extensive selection.

You’ll know that candles are an asset to every room in an apartment or house. With the options presented to us through the marks you can be sure to be satisfied regarding odours and design, as well as material and so on. …