An art photo at home

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Walls covered with works of art always carry more cachet than bare walls. Nowadays we tend towards photography, especially printed art photos, results of imagination and talent from artists and creators whether famous or not. These photos are welcome in all rooms. What are they and how to use them.

What is an art-photo?

There is no complete definition of an artistic photo. We often think that they are photos on show in a gallery or bearing the signature of famous photographers. But in fact, art-photos are those which transmit the audacity, the emotions…….of their authors or subjects. When you study a snapshot, you can interpret it easily.

In a portrait, for example, you will note the passion, torment, happiness or carefreeness of each character. If the artist has chosen to highlight nature, his/her work will inspire something as soon as you look at it. This facility to provoke an emotion in a fan defines the artistic character of a photograph in colour or in black and white.

Where can you find art-photos for sale?

It is always advisable to contact a company specialised in the sale of artistic objects in order to buy an art-photo.

You will thus be guaranteed to find unique art works or get one of a very limited copy of an original photo. So owners of galleries are best placed to guarantee high quality photos welcome in your home as key elements of your interior decor. You will have the opportunity of going through diversified and impressive styles.

How to showcase this art-photo in your home?

Artistic talent emerges in different ways. Some artists enjoy showing off well-known places and monuments from unusual angles. Other artists enjoy capturing the depth of emotion. It is up to you to evaluate these works depending on the result you hope for. A copy in black and white for example will allow you to emphasize the vintage side of your decor or to contrast cleverly with the bright colours of your furniture or walls. Coloured art-photos promise a more handsome, modern and warm setting.

In all cases, ideally place an art-photo on a free wall. It can hang over your bed, above a couch, adorn the walls of a long corridor….It all depends on your interior arrangement. To achieve an harmonious result, think of choosing colour photos which echo certain decorative elements of your curtains, cushions floor or rugs. For more distinction, chose colours which are totally different to what you already have at home.

Don’t forget to pay special attention to the choice of format to make sure your art-photos are perfectly adapted to your interior.