Associations that defend the environment with art

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The word “art” can mean many different things to a variety of people. Promoting environmental protection through art is an effective method to convey a powerful message to the masses.

A case study of AEA Monaco group

The Art and Environment Association was established around 2007 and was founded by Philippe Pastor. Many artists are socially conscious and are committed to raising awareness about environmental issues like pollution, climate change, forest destruction and loss of resources.


with different coloured paints on it

Piece of art in progress


They have their very own distinctive way of doing things. They are creative and think outside of the box, but they frequently require practical help to translate their ideas in an artistic form that will assist in saving the world that we are living in.

Philippe Pastor’s Burned Trees is a huge project in which actual trees damaged by fires were brought back to existence as sculptures. It’s an intriguing concept that reveals the realities of forest destruction around the world. The idea was developed in collaboration together with United Nations Environmental Programme.

The Art and Environnement Association is located in Monaco and has the goal of fighting against environmental harm and to raise awareness among the public by using art. It hopes to bring awareness to individuals, corporations and world leaders to these crucial concerns. Images and sculptures provide memorable images that reach us on an emotional level that words often do not. Events and exhibitions that are open to the public can inspire us individually or collectively, urging us to act regarding environmental issues before it’s too to late.