Associations that defend the environment with art

Art can be many things to many people. Defend the environmental cause through art is a good way to send strong message to people.

The case of the AEA Monaco association

The Art and Environnement Association was created in 2007 by Philippe Pastor. Many artists have a social conscience and want to work towards improving public awareness of issues such as climate change, contamination, deforestation and the destruction of natural resources.

Artists have their own very special way of doing things. They think outside the box, but they often need practical support to put their best ideas into a visual form that can help save the world we live in.

This association can help support their environmental campaigns in practical ways.
Philippe PastorĀ“s Burned Trees is a huge project where actual trees that had been damaged in fires were given a new life as part of sculptures. It is a striking idea that brings home the reality of deforestation around the world. It was developed in partnership with the United Nations Environmental Programme.

The Art and Environnement Association is based in Monaco ( and aims to fight against environmental damage and raise public awareness through the medium of Art. It hopes to sensitize individuals, companies and world leaders to these important issues. Art works such as photographs and sculpture can provide memorable images that touch us on a level where words sometimes fail. Public events and exhibitions can engage us singly or collectively, leading us all to take action on environmental matters before it is too late.