7 nice ways to hide an air conditioner

Accueil 9 Déco 9 7 nice ways to hide an air conditioner

Although manufacturers have enhanced the look of their cooling systems we must admit that they’re essential, but we don’t always like to showcase them.

There are ways to hide them and more easily integrate them into any design style. The idea is to hide the equipment and take advantage of its presence to think about the dimensions and think of new ways to use it.

In the bookcase

A few of the more innovative and innovative ideas is to turn an air conditioner into a high piece of furniture that has shelves. A bookcase is the ideal item of furniture to create this kind of arrangement. configuration. You can restrict access to a few shelves higher to allow for the installation of your appliances. The benefit of this is that you can cover your air conditioner using simple cladding that matches the colour of the bookcase, or by creating an open wall.

If you use the same materials that you use for your furniture The trompe-l’oeil effect is sure to succeed and you’ll appreciate your air conditioner, without appearing visible. This method is useful and straightforward to set up. There is only one drawback: there will be less space for storing your books. However, if you’re planning to build your furniture then you should consider this and make your furniture fit your needs.


Air conditionner in a living room

Air conditionner



Covers the temperature control

It is also possible to combine functionality with elegant design by using the cover for your climate control. You can, for instance, locate stylish designs to hide appliances that have a visible portion outwards.

When you are on a balcony or terrace such a design is especially interesting because it adds to the beauty of a facade. Metal or wood are both materials that are suited to the most modern and minimalist designs, intending to make use of the materials to create designs that appeal to the eyes.

Designers have been around. There are modern air conditioning covers are not just visually appealing but also provide an additional dimension to the overall appearance. It’s all about viewing your equipment as a “plus” that could be as easily placed in a garden or turned into an item that looks like its original.

Design a custom-made design

There is no limit to getting an attractive result. There are a variety of ideas to create custom layouts, regardless of whether you’re installing your air cooling system or remodelling your home. Interior decorators and designers are dedicated to bringing together technology with design. Ineed, you can choose and cutomize different types of AC, to find the one that goes  perfeclty with your decoration. 

Just as you don’t want wires and cables scattered all over your flooring Air conditioning units can be completely integrated into furniture. This lets you think about functionality while making sure that you do not clash with decorative features. Cupboards or any other type of furniture could be turned into a storage container for air cooling.

But since the grille is necessary for the circulation of air, you must either incorporate it or leave the door of your furniture open while the appliance is in operation. In terms of external components are concerned, custom-designed arrangements are also extremely well-liked. They can easily be incorporated into any style that is from traditional to modern. The advantage of this kind of device is that it can be hidden among other accessories while retaining its unity.

False ceilings can be a problem

If you do not want to sacrifice valuable wall space to put in cooling equipment, then a false ceiling is a concept worth contemplating. The advantage of this method is the possibility of installing an appliance within the exact place with all the electrical connections.

This will prevent unwieldy and ineffective wiring. You can also experiment with the levels to create beautiful effects. The choice of elements that are visible like grids can be used to create unique graphics. In modern spaces, this style of design is a great fit and can offer a wide range of options.

Additionally, you could make use of mezzanines by utilizing the lower section with an artificial ceiling. In modern homes, you can get the appearance of a room that is completely unnoticed by the less appealing elements of the air conditioning. The result can be an ornamental feature on its own and is worthwhile to consider what’s feasible.

In an alcove

As with any living arrangement Your air conditioner ought to be set up properly. Therefore, you should take advantage of the chance of setting up to think about your space.

The creation of alcoves comes with a dual benefit. You won’t need to think about how to incorporate them into your home and yet, they can also serve as a focal point of your interior. Again, the concept is to think of your space as a whole and to bring together the technical aspects with the need to respect the architectural style.

In the kitchen, for instance, you could imagine an amalgamation of all your appliances using your cooling system as a valuable hidden asset.

Pick a tone-on-tone air conditioner

If the layout of your home or home does not allow for significant construction to conceal the unattractive elements as much as possible It is possible to apply an application of paint. You can choose the same hue as your walls and ceiling, and then cover the air conditioning vents.

This requires an appropriate paint that bonds straight to plastic. You may also choose the traditional application of an undercoat specifically designed for this particular type of material. The only suggestion is to take care not to hinder the working of the appliance. Therefore, you must do a careful job to ensure that the fins do not get stuck. which are used to braze the air.

If intend to purchase the air conditioning unit, it is possible to consider this factor when you are making your purchase by selecting a tone-on-tone product.

In an enclosure

The final step of designing a casing for the air conditioner is important. This kind of device is bound to be attractive and appealing however, you’ll also get a simplified installation. This is why it’s important to look at the entire arrangement. It is possible to use this to experiment with the dimensions of the formwork to ensure that it is a part of the overall structure of your space.

The concept is easy and there is the option of making an air conditioner cover that will also serve the function of a decorative feature. The art of concealing your equipment is thus a method of bringing the best architectural elements to the living area.

By using the same cladding material as your walls and ceilings, the camouflage effect can be extremely effective. Also, you can take the opportunity to think about changing the lighting fixtures to create an ambience that will make you forget the existence of your air cooling unit.

The concealing of the air conditioner can be done with a few clever ideas. If the unit hasn’t yet been put in place it is possible to draw inspiration from the designs that architects and interior designers appreciate. If you have older equipment, a bit of DIY can also help to make a perfect space to hide it.