The importance of art for environmental awareness

Accueil 9 Déco 9 The importance of art for environmental awareness

The article below will tell why art is vital to the environment.

What is the significance of art to raise awareness about the environment ?

An artist or an association of artists like Monaco through the medium of painting, photograph or possibly an art installation can convey the essence of what may take more than a thousand words to describe. The visual representations of these images help connect us to the emotions we feel. This is particularly the case in the event of a natural disaster or an emotional subject being addressed.

Art realized with rubbish

Piece of art realized with rubbish

How does art affect our environmental consciousness ?

The interplay between art and nature has an impact that is much greater on our brains and therefore gives us the ability to think about the topic in a more positive and purposeful attitude rather than simply the mere list of facts. A story about 13 million hectares of forest destruction in a single year has no significance when written in words, however, when it is visualized, the general comprehension is higher. One of the most creative examples could be the art of Philippe Pastors’ ‘The Burned Trees’ sculptures, which depict those 2003 fires that ravaged the forests that ravaged the southern part of France and the artist makes use of certain of the burned tree trunks to create his work. Also, there are associations that defend the environnement with art !

Then, a fitting quotation from Edgar Degas – “Art is not what you look at, but what you let others see”