The Importance of Art for Environmental Awareness

This article will show you why art is so important for environmental awareness.

Why is art important for environmental awareness?

An artist or art associations as in Monaco , using the the medium of a painting, a photograph or perhaps an art installation, can encapsulate, in a single image, that which may need a thousand words to explain. These visual representations help to form a connection with our emotions. This can be particularly true when a natural disaster or an emotive issue is being expressed.

How does art impact our environmental awareness?

The collaboration of art and environment has a far greater impact on our brains, thereby allowing us to engage in the subject with a more meaningful and positive behaviour than a list of facts. An article about 13 million hectares of deforestation in one year really has no meaning when expressed in words, but once illustrated visually, the general understanding is greater. An ingenious example of this is the artist Philippe Pastors’ ‘The Burned Trees’ sculptures depicting the 2003 forest fires in southern France, in which the artist utilises some of the burnt tree trunks in his sculpture.

Finally, an apt quote from Edgar Degas – “Art is not what you see but what you make others see”