Wood returns fashionably, and we love it !

Recently, we’ve seen a certain noble material return to households with force…. wood! Carpenters, woodworkers and designers from www.lareiniere.com/en/ are combining modernity with wood and more industrial materials such as aluminum, glass, stainless steel, and even stone.

The friendly face from French television, and pro-decorator, Valérie Damidot, may be considered responsible for this new craze, or “national sport”, that has not stopped growing over the past few years. Every year, we see new trends appear, new ideas, new experiments, etc.

So, why this sudden return?

In the current mindset of sustainable development, the environment and energy saving, the return of wood as decoration to the home seems to make sense! Abandoned a few years ago as something outdated, rustic and not very aesthetically pleasing, wood has now made a bold return.

Call on a professional carpenter to create made to measure pieces in accordance with your wants and needs.

It’s the best environmentally friendly material that you could use as it’s completely renewable. Plus, it represents so many great qualities: nobility, elegance, friendship and refinement…

 Professionals will be on hand to listen to you and adapt their creations to your needs.

Professionals will be on hand to listen to you and adapt their creations to your needs.

Environmental impact

If you are worried about the impact that this new trend will have on forests, do not panic!

Only mature trees are cut down. In the shop, you will see two labels used to guarantee where the wood used comes from: the PEFC label and FSC label.

Practical advice

Some good advice for getting to grips with wood…

  1. After purchase, do not forget to read the warnings about use and maintenance.
  2. Avoid chemical solvents that layer the quality of the wood and those which harm the environment.
  3. Adopt an environmentally responsible attitude when choosing your wooden furniture, made from local, European manufactured wood.

Hope you enjoyed this article, find other decoration tips in my last article about art photo at home 🙂

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